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Residential Tuition in the UK and abroad

Kings Tutors Limited can provide residential tuition anywhere in the UK and overseas too. This type of tutoring means that your child will receive an excellent education wherever they are based. The advantages of this are multiple; whether it be support being needed for a particular exam or catching up on missed school. Whatever the reason is, your child will certainly return to school feeling more confident about his or her schoolwork.

As with all of our tutor placements, we believe that the personality of a tutor is key when it comes to inspiring a pupil to learn as well as the tutor excelling in his or her particular field. This is why we consider the relationship of the tutor and tutee in question when deciding on which tutor will be an appropriate tutor for each and every residential tuition job. The key to successful revision is for a good rapport between the tutor and tutee to be instantly made so that inspiration to learn and motivation can occur.

Residential Tuition

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