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Standard Grades & Higher Grades/Advanced Higher Grades

We are an agency based throughout the United Kingdom so, therefore, offer tuition for the Scottish as well as the English Curriculum. We are able to provide private tutors in Edinburgh, or indeed across Scotland depending on location for both Standard Grade and Higher Grade Tuition.

Standard Grades Tuition

The sheer volume of subjects and breadth of subject matter taught for Standard Grades can leave a pupil, without any additional support, feeling completely overwhelmed.

Standard Grades are an important foundation for further study. This is where a solid platform of understanding from which to develop the knowledge and skills required at higher levels must be developed.

All of our tutors have extensive knowledge of the appropriate syllabuses and requirements of individual exam boards to be able to support all of our tutees.

A structured programme is put in place so that all areas are covered before the exam with particular focus going onto those topics that your child struggles with. One to one tuition allows a child to work at their own pace; a luxury that does not always happen in the classroom.

Exam technique will also be focused upon too as this is crucial when sitting exams.

Standard grades/Intermediates are generally taken by pupils in their 3rd and 4th year of secondary school, between the ages of fourteen to sixteen. The examinations take place at the end of the 3rd or 4th year with preliminary exams being taken in the November beforehand.

The standard grade course is divided into 3 levels and these are foundation, general and credit. Intermediates are divided into Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2.

Tuition for Highers

These exams are essential for gaining entrance to university; they are one of the national school-leaving certificate exams and university entrance qualifications offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and are set at Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. Private tutors in Edinburgh or based in Scotland are a great way to help give your children the help they need to achieve their goals.

The final years of school can be overwhelming to pupils due to all of the pressure placed upon them. Our tutors can help to ease this strain by offering their support. All tutors have extensive knowledge of the requirements of every exam board.

One to one tuition allows weak areas to be focused upon to help improve grades. Exam technique will also be worked on to help your child secure a place at their chosen university.

A structured programme, after the initial meeting, will be put together to ensure that everyone is on board when it comes to working towards the same academic goals. We believe that continual feedback between the tutor, tutee and parent is crucial to the success of every tutee and in ensuring the right support is offered.

These sessions will increase your child’s confidence, motivate them to learn and increase their understanding of their chosen subjects for their final exams at school.

Advanced Highers Tuition

UCAS rates the Higher at a level equivalent to that of AS-Levels and, as a result, some English universities require students to study to Advanced Higherlevel. Advanced Highers now attract more UCAS tariff points than A-Levels at the same grades and can be used for 2nd year entry at some Scottish universities.

With competition for university places fiercely increasing, especially within the major cities. Our private tutors in Edinburgh and across the UK are committed to ensuring that our students excel to the very best of their abilities. Tuition focuses on both the syllabus and on exam technique preparation.

We also offer advice on university and Oxbridge preparation too, contact us today for more information

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