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International Baccalaureate (IB) and Pre-U Tuition

International Baccalaureate (IB) Tuition

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is now being taught in a large number of Independent Schools and, unlike A levels, requires pupils to sit exams in both the humanities and the sciences.

One on one tuition presents the opportunity of improving on those subjects your child is strongest at as well as focusing on any weak areas they may have. Exam technique will be focused on too as this can certainly alter the grade awarded.

After the initial meeting between the tutor and tutee, a structured programme will be put together to ensure that everyone is on board when it comes to working towards the same academic goals. We believe that continual feedback between the tutor, tutee and parent is crucial to the success of every tutee and in ensuring the right support is offered.

These sessions will increase your child’s confidence, motivate them to learn and increase their understanding of their chosen subjects for their final exams at school.

We also offer advice on university and Oxbridge preparation too.

Pre-U Tuition

The Cambridge Pre-U has been running since 2008 and quickly become a very popular alternative with schools to A-Levels. It aims to provide students with a more extended academic profile with the benefit of this being that the level is more advanced meaning universities look more favourably on students taking Pre-U.

The Pre-U course follows on from IGCSE and Cambridge Secondary 2 qualifications. We have many tutors experienced with working with Pre-U system and this can be tailored to the tutee’s needs.

Exam technique would also be focused on to boost the confidence of your child and their capability of answering all type of questions they might find themselves confronted with on the Pre-U course. Contact us to discuss your tuition requirements in further detail.

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