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iGCSE and GCSEs & AS/A2 Levels Tuition

iGCSE and GCSE Tuition

The sheer volume of subjects and breadth of subject matter taught at iGCSE and GCSE level can leave a pupil, without any additional support, feeling completely overwhelmed; this is where one of our GCSE tutors can help.

With one-on-one tuition, these worries can be eliminated. Our tutors all have knowledge of the various syllabi and the different requirements for every exam board. Their aim is to focus on the areas that their tutee finds particularly tricky in tuition sessions.

An initial assessment is carried out when the tutor and tutee first meet. This is so a structured programme can be put together for ongoing tuition. It will be tailored to the individual and their needs. The tutor can also work together with your child to create a revision timetable. This revision table will allow them to manage their time effectively before exam time. It is important that a clear plan is put together of what needs to be covered and achieved.

Exam technique will be focused on. This can make all the difference in what grade will be awarded. It will also boost the confidence of your child sitting the exams.

One-to-one tuition can allow your child to go at a pace to suit them; a luxury that does not always happen in the classroom. Your GCSE tutor has a love for their particular subject shining through which will inspire and motivate your child to learn. Renewing or finding a love for your child’s studies will help with any further academic work too beyond GCSE exams too.

AS/A2 Levels

It is not disputed that these last two years of school, although being very exciting, can be exceedingly stressful, There is a huge amount of pressure placed upon pupils. Big decisions have to be made about life after school and the school day is very busy.

Our tutors can help to ease this strain by offering their support. All tutors have extensive knowledge of the A level syllabus. This includes the requirements for every exam board.

One to one tuition allows weak areas to be focused upon to improve grades. Exam technique will also be worked on to help your child secure a place at their chosen university.

A structured programme, after the initial meeting, will be put together. This is to ensure that everyone is on board when it comes to working towards the same academic goals. Kings Tutors believes that continual feedback between the tutor, tutee and parent is crucial to the success of every tutee. It also ensures that the right support is offered.

These sessions will increase your child’s confidence, motivate them to learn and increase their understanding of their chosen subjects for their final exams at school.

We also offer advice on university and Oxbridge preparation too. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

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