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Our rigorous application process allows us to carefully select our Private tutors in London with the knowledge that we have the right team to deliver the highest standard of private tuition. All of our tutors have excellent academic credentials as well as being passionate about their subjects; this means they are all motivating tutors inspiring those around them to learn. It is very important to us that our tutors have the ability to explain what they are teaching, no matter how complex, in a manner that is both straightforward and captivating to their tutee.

As a result of always striving to have the best possible tutors on board our team, we turn down more applications than we accept. Once a tutor has been deemed to be a suitable candidate, the ethos of Kings Tutors Limited is explained to them. This is instilled further by us then having regular contact with all of our Private Tutors in London to make sure that they have had always had all of the relevant training, along with access to educational sources online, to then be allocated to clients for tutoring placements. By working together and having frequent two-way communication, all of our tutors are appropriately equipped to help the tutee reach their personal academic goals as much as possible.

We actively encourage parents to engage with our tutees about the academic progress of their child. This feedback means that all parties are approaching the task in hand with the same approach and fully understand how best to move forward. The desired result is that, with our assistance and through our Private Tutors in London, all tutees will reach their personal academic goals.

Some of our Tutors

We take enormous care selecting our team of Private Tutors in London. They are all passionate about teaching, good at communicating and have flawless academic credentials. Please read on for more information about just a few of our tutors…

Our Tutors

Charlotte - 11+ and English Tutor

After graduating from Cambridge, Charlotte has been tutoring both in residential placements, in person, and online. Charlotte has tutored students from a wide variety of ages and abilities, from those struggling with the course, to competent students who need to be offered further challenges to stretch them to their academic potential. Charlotte’s priority is to be reassuring and constructive, empowering students to be confident when those dreaded exams come round!

Charlotte also has extensive experience in preparing students for the 11+ exam for English, Maths, and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Charlotte’s approach to this tuition is led by the particular needs and idiosyncrasies of the pupil, whether it is to develop a more solid understanding of the material or practice and refine their exam technique. Moreover, Charlotte has tutored students specifically for the entrance exams into Winchester and the King’s Scholarship examination for Eton.

Personal Approach

I believe that my experiences across a wide range of ages, abilities and English language proficiencies help me to adapt material to any student and their particular situation. This tailored approach is also founded on both a genuine enjoyment of the subjects offered and a strong academic background. Whether it is a case of brushing up on Common Entrance topics or of preparing for Oxbridge interviews, I hope that I can offer the necessary support and enthusiasm.
Our Tutors

Sebastian - Geography Tutor

Sebastian studied Environments at university and he majored in Environmental Geographies, Politics and Cultures. During this time period, he also completed an intensive Mandarin language summer programme at the University of Hong Kong and taught English in rural Thailand during university holidays. Sebastian has been working as a private tutor for five years now and he has had a very large and diverse range of pupils still at school. He has also tutored university students in Geography and guided them through essay submissions and exams. He is currently tutoring several students and also carrying out part-time teaching Geography in a sixth form college.

Sebastian is bilingual, speaking English and German fluently and also speaks a bit of Malay, French and Mandarin. He enjoys exploring new places and cultures and is fascinated by languages.

Personal Approach

Building a strong working relationship and trust between the tutor and student is very important, and being easily approachable is a vital characteristic a tutor should have. Some students may have just lost their inspiration to learn and so it is the tutor's job to motivate and inspire them. It is important the student is guided on an individual-based level and encouraged to actively engage and think, making links with information explained to them, and not spoon fed. I believe i can bring international experience and diversity to the students i tutor. Especially applicable to Geography, my lessons have a strong focus on exam technique and effective exam preparation.
Our Tutors

Lucinda - Maths Tutor

Lucinda is currently a Secondary Level Mathematics teacher in South West London, after two training placements. She received top marks for both placements when she was assessed. Before this, Lucinda was an assistant Mathematics teacher at a leading London prep school, as well as covering Sciences too. Lucinda is a valuable member of the Kings Tutors team due to her impressive private tuition experience for students of all ages. Lucinda is very patient and the success of her tutees is of paramount importance to her. She always receives fantastic feedback from parents about instantly managing to build a good rapport with her tutees. In May half term, Lucinda ran a revision course in Greece with another tutor for those preparing for their A Levels, GCSEs and Common Entrance – she was in charge of tutoring Maths and Sciences.

Personal Approach

I always strive to make a positive change in education, build self-confidence, increase attainment and inspire aspiration whenever I teach. When introducing new and complex skills to tutees, my goal is to capture my tutees’ attention and effectively explain what is required by breaking down the skill into more simple components whilst speaking enthusiastically, concisely and clearly.
Our Tutors

Guy - Maths and Science Tutor

Having attended King’s College School in Wimbledon, Guy went onto study Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. It was at this institution where he engaged in a wide range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) promotion companies and activities. For example, he ran workshops at the weekend for groups of AS and A level students pursuing higher education in STEM in addition to holding summer courses. He now tutors Maths and Physics to pupils preparing for their GCSE and A Levels. This is in addition to helping students who are preparing for university applications by guiding them with their personal statements and also offering them interview advice too.  

Guy’s passion for his specialist subjects comes through in his teaching. This is wonderful to see and it certainly helps to inspire his tutees. He is brilliant good at breaking down the more complex topics into smaller and more manageable parts. In his spare time, Guy is a a keen traveller and sportsman. He thoroughly enjoys running and hockey also undertook a marathon in Paris. In 2014 I undertook the Mongol Rally driving a Nissan Micra from London to Mongolia, raising £5000 for charity.

Personal Approach

My approach to tutoring is driven by the student. I believe that with a base understanding of core concepts and the self-confidence to employ them, every student is capable of academic success. I work collaboratively with parents and pupils to produce a programme of study that is tailored to the needs of the individual student, setting goals throughout and structuring the tuition around the individual. Furthermore, I have a passion for learning myself and believe that to be an infectious quality that is one of my strongest assets as a tutor.
Our Tutors

Hannah - Maths and Physics Tutor

An Oxford graduate, Hannah is an experienced GCSE and A Level tutor who also has extensive online experience. Across both subjects, she has had success across a huge range of abilities and she is highly creative in her teaching approach. Furthermore, she is also currently designing and delivering a Cambridge Economics Admissions Assessment course designed to prepare applicants for entry next year. Her “specialism” is building confidence ​in her students and she is often as much as a mentor​ as she is a tutor. She helps her students become highly organised ​around the subject content and their approach to revision. She has worked with incredibly bright students as well as those with learning challenges, such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, and/or motivational issues

Hannah had a huge passion for drama at University; as a member of OUDS (Oxford University Drama Society) she took part in 10 productions, primarily as an actress but I also directed, produced and marketed a show. Whilst at school she also completed her LAMDA acting awards in grades 5 to 8 and received a distinction.

Personal Approach

I absolutely love combining my passion for Maths and Physics with the rewarding nature of connecting with and helping students on a one-to-one basis. I always come from a point of empathy for my students and this is the foundation of the great relationships I build. All my time at Google and Goldman Sachs was spent in a client-facing sales role, which has equipped me with incredibly strong relationship-building skills. This is extremely important for tutoring, because it's the relationship I build with the parent/guardian (being a great communicator, reliable, responsive, and setting expectations effectively), as well as the student, which enables success overall.

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