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Enjoy the benefits of a top London tutor from anywhere in the world… Online tutoring allows everyone to have access to our top tutors!

If you do not live in London, here are a few of the reasons why online tuition will be of benefit:

  • to assist with preparation for entry exams to British schools
  • to help with applying to UK universities
  • access to top tutors who specialise with the English curriculum

How it works

We use an interactive whiteboard during online tuition sessions. Pupils can benefit from using the recording of the lesson for revision purposes in the future too. We have seen fantastic results for tutees of all ages.

Online tuition is often the simplest way to have access to the highest calibre of tutors . It no longer matters where you are based in the world – it is still possible to have access to the Kings Tutors’ team through online tuition.


We are an English family based in Paris and have been having online tuition with Kings Tutors for our sons aged 4, 6 and 8, to ensure that their reading and writing in English remains in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.  We are delighted with the results: our 6 year old, who had not even started reading in English at the beginning of the school year, is now on a par with what would be expected of the equivalent grade in England.  The children enjoy their online tutorials, and in fact the novelty of the technology adds an element of excitement to the experience.  I very much recommend online tuition with Kings Tutors.

Mother whose three sons receive weekly online tuition

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