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”Kensington & Chelsea Today” Article about Kings Tutors (26th June 2013)

”Kensington & Chelsea Today” Article about Kings Tutors (26th June 2013)

June 26, 2013

Wednesday, 26th June 2013

After a short stint in Financial Services in the City, Emily Jack (founder of Kings Tutors) realised that her interests and skill set were more aligned to the world of Education. After six years of tutoring experience she knew she was keen to help those struggling at school and inspire them to learn. With this thought at heart, she put into action her dream to set up a tutoring agency with an unbeatable reputation, in terms of quality, and quality service.


Every member of the Kings Tutors team has been carefully chosen after a rigorous selection process selecting only those with a passion to teach and flawless academic credentials. Their goal is to become a renowned tutoring company with the help of their highly trained employees and tutors. Emily Jack, founder of Kings Tutors, says that ‘each handpicked tutor is unique. This combined with our personalised service makes us stand out from the rest. No child is the same therefore no proposal put together for tuition can be the same as another. Private tuition all depends on the individual and must be specifically tailored to suit the needs of every child.’

‘Very professional and obviously with a lot of good tutors on your books’ says parent of recent A level student at Kings Tutors.

Emily reiterates the fact that children from all different nationalities are in need of tutoring due to the ever-increasing cosmopolitan nature of the city. Recent figures show that London is now the fourth largest French City and is home to four hundred thousand French citizens. ’Children, whose mother-tongue is English, find the language hard to grasp when it comes to good grammar. An example of this is the frequent misuse of the words ‘to, two and too’ – three simple words which are crucial to a student’s grading in their examinations. It is no wonder that those children attending school in England, who do not speak English as their first language, need some support.’

‘The issue of children learning about the correct usage of grammar is heightened by the colloquial way we all communicate with each other through texting and emailing to save time. This shortened way of writing, such as ‘C U TMRW’, is quickly becoming a common way of writing for children but it will not, however, gain any marks in an exam paper or receive any credit in job applications.’

Clients of Kings Tutors are typically based throughout Kensington & Chelsea. Parents contact Kings Tutors to organize any additional support needed for their child’s schoolwork or for some useful exam preparation. This can be for Entrance Exams when pupils as young as six years old are applying to new schools or for an older student working towards their GCSEs or A Levels. Tuition is structured so that tutees have a greater chance of reaching their potential academic goal whilst boosting their confidence to succeed.

‘Thank you so much for your help over the last few months.’ Charles studying Maths GCSE.

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