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Entrance Exams for 11+ & 13+

Preparation for 11+/13+ Entrance Exams

Our tutors are carefully hand selected for each tutee. This is after a discussion has taken place to decide what needs to be achieved exactly.

Following this, the tutor will carry out an initial assessment in the first meeting with their tutee. A programme can then be devised to ensure all requirements are covered in the allotted time frame. Tuition sessions will focus on all of the areas where improvement is needed.

The tutor will give advice on exam technique. They will explain how to tackle the various types of questions found in 11+ or 13+ exams. It is very important to have learnt this, as well as course content, before sitting an exam.

Furthermore, we run tuition courses in the holidays for preparation towards these examinations. This is in addition to offering one-on-one tuition.

Bespoke Entrance Examinations set by Public Schools

We have an understanding of the bespoke exams and scholarship exams set by particular public schools. It is possible to organise tuition with a a tutor who has experience with a specific school’s entrance exams.

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