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Angels&Urchins Article about Kings Tutors (21st June 2013)

Angels&Urchins Article about Kings Tutors (21st June 2013)

June 25, 2013

News & Features, Friday 21st June 2013

Kings Tutors

After a short stint working in the Financial Services Emily Jack, founder of Kings Tutors, realised that her interests and skill set were more aligned to the world of Education. Kings Tutors is founded on the philosophy of inspiring children to learn and helping to give them the self-esteem to succeed.

“I believe that, with a little bit of additional support, a child’s self-esteem can be boosted enormously. The confidence of a child and their ability to succeed  are very closely aligned.”says Kings Tutors founder Emily Jack.

With six years of tutoring experience for a number of different agencies under her belt Emily was inspired to set up her own tutor agency.

“My dream was to set up an agency with an unbeatable reputation. Every member of the Kings Tutors team has been carefully chosen and undergone a rigorous selection process. This way we can ensure that all our tutors have a passion to teach as well as flawless academic credentials. We believe that it is our tutors at Kings Tutors that help us stand out from the rest.”

Kings Tutors works with each tutee, tutor and parent to make sure that everyone is working towards the same agenda. No child is the same and therefore no proposal is the same. Each tutor works to the individual’s potential and towards their specific academic targets.

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