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Reasons for Private Tuition

What are the reasons for Private Tuition?

There are many reasons why people opt to have private tuition. The most common scenario is that, with a little additional support, a child’s self-esteem can be boosted enormously. This in turn allows them to have the confidence to succeed academically. Motivation and a newly found interest for a subject occurs when a child realises that they can in fact cope with their exams. They are suddenly able to tackle topics that he or she was once unsure about.

It is often the case that students are not lacking in ability but are instead in need of a key to unlock this potential. Private tuition can indeed be the answer. This is because a tutor can focus on the individual needs of a pupil. They can go through the syllabus at a correct pace for your child; something that can not happen in a classroom. Our tutors will also help with teaching your child the skills needed to tackle exam papers.

Exam technique is crucial when it comes to exam success and something that our tutors are all able to help with. The result being that the tutee’s ability to do well in exams is vastly improved by learning how to revise, take notes, answer questions the correct way and plan essays. These minor changes to how one tackles an exam paper can indeed determine the outcome of the result.

See below for other possible reasons about why parents may contact us to arrange tuition for their child:

  • To catch-up on school work
  • To be able to understand the foundations of a subject to then build on this with further learning
  • To allow their child to keep up the pace set at school with a little bit of additional support
  • To increase confidence in a particular subject
  • To boost self-esteem

The Difference between a Teacher and a Tutor

Teachers have to be able to control an entire classroom. They also have to be capable of finding a pace that all class members will be able to handle. This can potentially lead to children being left at a disadvantage due to every child being different. The classroom is a tricky place for pupils to receive one-to-one attention that focuses on their individual particular learning styles.

Tuition with an experienced tutor will mean that the needs of your child will be solely thought about throughout tuition sessions. This is so that the full academic potential of your child can be reached. The one-on-one attention received during private tuition will instil confidence in your child. They will then be able to develop their skills academically as they progress throughout school.

We believe that private tuition can act as an ancillary to learning that takes place in formal education. The individual learning style of the child is focused on whilst, at the same time, what he or she is being taught at school is built upon.

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